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Advertising technology businesses must adapt today, or fail tomorrow.

We will enable...

  • Instant access to specialists
  • Roadmapping of your growth plan
  • Acceleration of its activation

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Who Are We?

We are Launchpad: Our mission; to be the extended member of your team that enables transformational growth of your Ad-tech business, year after year after year.

We are a team of advanced industry specialists, organised to deliver transformational results by working via Launchpad proprietary and accredited management consultancy models.

Whether your challenges are related to Sales & Marketing, Product & Technology, Process & Operations or Finance & Investment, Launchpad are here to bring your growth ideas to life and accelerate their integration into your businesses day-to-day operations. We enable swift expansion into your new areas of growth opportunity, and maximise their sustainable contribution towards your companies top & bottom lines.

#Your Growth Ideas Activated Faster!

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We Can Help You To...

Launch & Commercialise New Products

Launching new products can boost revenue streams, but it comes with risks like market confusion, reputation loss from inadequate solutions, wasted resources on redundant projects, and increased churn from internal disruption.

A successful product launch demands expertise in the new area, knowledge of clients, and commercial acumen.

Launchpad provides the solution, ensuring readiness for success. We remove guesswork, allowing you to confidently commit to your launch with 100% certainty in your direction and tactics.

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Expand into New Global Markets

In the ad-tech industry, global expansion is crucial for competitive businesses. However, assuming that a successful process in one territory will work in another can lead to not having the necessary in-house skills, early reputational damage due to a lack of understanding of market requirements, and wasting time and money obtaining information that could have been available from the start.

First impressions matter, and informed go-to-market strategies are essential to scale effectively in complex markets. Launchpad provides a thorough strategy, analyzing the landscape and market stakeholders, enabling you to build the right team, meet requirements, and maximise business scalability.

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Pivot Your Businesses Operations

Agility is crucial for success, enabling businesses to capitalise on pivotal moments and grow. However, agility isn’t just about speed; it requires precise execution to minimise risks, such as a clogged organisational structure that is unable to meet new requirements, legacy platforms that are incapable of servicing new needs, and hindered trading due to misaligned commercial frameworks with customers.

Effective pivoting demands speed and precision, achieved through rapid planning and knowledge onboarding. Launchpad’s engagement teams bring specialised knowledge and change management processes to transform your business into an operational market leader, poised for the future.

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Meet Our Founders

Guy Jackson

Guy boasts 15 years in media & ad-tech, following an early career in the financial markets, specializing in corporate fundraising for AIM market IPO’s.

He has worked across various media & tech properties before embarking on a career defining journey with Teads. With nearly 10 years as part of the businesses leadership he worked from start-up, through successful acquisition, up to their multi billion-dollar IPO shot in 2021.

He boasts numerous professional qualifications including an MBA in product strategy, a diploma in management consultancy and various business leadership accolades. Guy now specializes in helping businesses in the Ad-tech space build and deliver growth strategies and commercial partnerships.

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Remy Wasyluk

Remy is an accomplished and high achieving media, and commercial enterprise professional with 19 years’ experience of scaling profitable advertising technology and SaaS businesses.

He has been responsible for building & leading the commercial teams of the digital industries biggest success stories of the past 2 decades, including Yahoo!, Specific Media, Teads & Captify. Alongside this he has helped numerous AdTech / MarTech startups land and expand across the UK and EMEA. Remy’s broad experience covers paid media, Interactive content, Influencer Marketing,, Data & SaaS technologies.

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Our Specialisms

Product Strategy

Change Management

Technical Platform Integrations

Commercial Strategy

Employee Skills Development

Navigating Complex Customer Orgs

Partnership Frameworks


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What Our Clients Say

"Second to None"

Guy’s knowledge of customer product stacks and commercial frameworks is second to none. This understanding enabled Yieldmo to align our new markets strategy towards delivering solutions that created value for our clients from day one, streamlining resources and enabling the right opportunities for rapid growth.

General Manager | Yieldmo

"Largest Revenue to Date"

Remy helped us pivot our traditional managed service business to a technology lead, SaaS offering. Over an 18 month period, he worked with the UK commercial team to refocus the sales effort, whilst helping recruit new technology focused talent. As a result our 2021 revenue was the largest we had achieved to date in our 11 years of business.

CEO | Captify

"Fantastic for the Growth of Our Business"

Working with Remy was fantastic for the growth of our business across EMEA. He was able to take our product, break out the USPs, match them to advertisers pain points and win new business that took us from being an Isreali start-up headquartered in New York to a real global AdTech business.

CEO | BrandTotal

"Growth Across the Region"

Remy was able to create an EMEA business strategy that enabled our technology to expand partnerships and gain considerate growth across the region. We originally had a managed service proposition which under Remy's stewardship we moved into programmatic before pivoting to licensing our technology under SaaS contracts.

Founder & CEO | Apester

Brands We've Worked With

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Have Some Questions?

Why would we work with Launchpad?
Launchpad is a specialist growth consultancy for Ad-tech brands. We act as a strategic partner to guide the required innovations, pivots and transformations that your business will go through on your route to your goal.

The business helps you onboard specialist technical knowledge and stakeholder relationships in a way that maximises impact while minimising disruption and risk to your business.
How do Launchpad work to deliver results faster?
Launchpad values lay in our ability to solve complex specialist problems, consider & control multiple unforeseen risk factors behind growth. We do this through accredited consultancy practices used to build strategy by the large consultancy firms, however tailored to the niche skillsets and prerequisite of growth as required by scale up advertising technology businesses.
Can Launchpad integrate with my existing team?
Yes!! Are whole mantra is to minimise disruption and to build a growth culture from within your business. If your business has to pivot every 2-3 years, you don’t want to be replacing your staff at the same rate.

Due to the requirements of the processes that Launchpad deliver however, we do ask that Launchpad are free to take an uninhibited lead in all processes of due-diligence so as to provide you with unbiased and extensive strategy recommendations.
What size of business do I need to be to utilise Launchpad’s services?
Are you required to grow fast and are you looking into new tactics? The Launchpad is a partner business for you.

Unless you are a business with an in-house consultancy arm then Launchpad will deliver value and ultimate growth to your business.
What technical skillsets can Launchpad provide?
Underneath Launchpad’s consultancy processes and engagement management team, are a community of Launchpad affiliate consultants. For each engagement that Launchpad run, we build & apply a specialist team to bring expert knowledge of any area of the ad-tech ecosystem to deliver via our processes as a means of driving the transformation that you require.
How do Launchpad guarantee the quality of their work?
The delivery of every engagement goes through a rigorous process of QA.
- A project is mapped upon every variable outcome.
- Only consultants that have worked to gain Launchpad accreditation will be assigned to an engagement.
- A process of ongoing check in and progress reports will be set-up through its delivery to which payments are aligned.
- Every project’s solution is stress tested prior to delivery
- Every project will have an executive sponsor from a named member from our board of directors.